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Zhejiang Yaxun Glasses Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is located in Yuhuan, the production base of glasses spare parts in China. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber series, and a variety of high-grade glasses. The company has its own factory building area of more than 23500 square meters, and more than 220 employees. The company has a group of high-quality, highly skilled professionals. Since 2010, the company has introduced a large number of high-precision intelligent production equipment and testing equipment from abroad, forming a sound production and operation system from product design, sample trial production, product testing to batch production. Zhejiang Yaxun Glasses Technology Co., Ltd. governs Yuhuan Haoji Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd., Taizhou Daxi Import and Export Co., Ltd., and Xingguang Glasses Parts Factory.

The company's product production lines include: aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, etc. Product categories include more than 3000 varieties of sunglasses, optical frames, aluminum magnesium sets of mirrors, presbyopia and other series. Germany, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other 45 countries and regions, 267 brands have provided the perfect titanium aluminum carbon fiber light alloy glasses design and OEM/ODM manufacturing services. It has a complete industrial production chain.

Yaxun holds 15 national invention patents, 30 utility model patents and 40 design patents, has passed the authoritative certification of the highest standards in the industry such as ISO9001. ISO45001. ISO14001, and has won the title of high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and has passed the evaluation of municipal research and development center. At the same time, ERP (networked information resource management system) and TPS are fully introduced (Lean production system), fully stepping into the digital intelligent manufacturing factory.

Yaxun Glasses Testing Center has more than 30 sets of testing equipment, including Nikon ring reader, artificial sweat test box, durability tester, hinge opening and closing fatigue tester, sunlight aging tester, polarization tester, lens abrasion tester, tension tester, hinge angle tester, to effectively guarantee the quality and service life of glasses.

With the enterprise mission of "exploring the light fashion of glasses", Yaxun has been committed to providing high-quality innovative products to meet the rapid development of global consumption and people's demand for a better life for many years. The enterprise is an important driver of social and economic development, and also an indispensable key force to safeguard and improve the Earth's environment.Sustainable development is an enterprise strategy that Yaxun strictly abides by. Since 2010, Yaxun has taken "sustainable green" as the highest guiding principle of corporate social responsibility, committed to protecting the environment, reducing the consumption of natural resources, making use of solar energy to generate electricity, actively responding to the sustainable development of ASi aluminum value chain, and paying attention to employee development,Help the whole society to use eyes healthily and realize the value of the enterprise.