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Yaxun Eyewear is one of the design and manufacturers of light alloy eyewear of titanium and aluminum in the world. It is located in Yuhuan, the production base of eyewear spare parts in China.

It provides perfect titanium aluminum eyewear design and OEM / ODM manufacturing services for 267 brands in 45 countries such as Germany, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Russia.

Yaxun has successively developed all engineering processes for the application of titanium aluminum eyewear, completely independent surface oxidation and color making, and innovatively developed titanium aluminum eyewear covering three categories (aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber), more than 20 series and 1000 styles, and matched with professional after-sales service system.

Yaxun holds 15 national invention patents, 30 utility model patents and 40 design patents, It’s compliance with the authoritative certification of the highest standards in the industry such as ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001, It has won the title of high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and has passed the evaluation of Taizhou level R & D center. At the same time, ERP (networked information resource management system) and TPS (lean production system) are fully introduced to establish a whole series of production lines from creative design to mold development, engineering inspection, parts production, CNC processing, oxidation and color making, finished frame quality controlling and so on.

Yaxun eyewear testing center has more than 30 testing equipments, such as Nikon frame circle reader, artificial sweat test box, durability tester, hinge opening and closing anti fatigue tester, sunlight aging tester, polarizing tester, lens wear tester, tensile tester, hinge angle tester, etc., which effectively ensures the service life of our products.

With innovative customized services, Seiko manufacturing capacity and global service system, Yaxun has established strategic partnership with many excellent brands in the eyewear industry and continues to provide optimal product solutions to our partners.

Quality assurance

Yaxun people always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "quality for survival,innovation for development" , realize the commitment of " customer first, qualityfirst", constantly absorb advanced production technology at home and abroad,adhere to the principle of quality service, and strive to build "yaxun" into a well-known brand in the domestic glasses industry.


Yaxun glasses has a complete production line, from the whole aluminum plate to the final finished glasses production can be completed in yaxun company. The annual production capacity of yaxun glasses is more than 1 million pairs of finished glasses.

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