How to distinguish between aluminum magnesium spectacle frame and pure titanium spectacle frame?
First thickness, second stereo effect, third weight. There are also different processing processes.
Pure titanium glasses are more and more popular with consumers. Titanium, B titanium, memory titanium and other titanium based frames are the mainstream of the market. With its light weight, erosion resistance, anti allergy, anti depression and high strength, it is the first choice for fashionable consumption by more and more college students, white-collar workers and elite. So can you investigate the pure titanium glasses? With the development of titanium materials and the increasingly mature processing technology, the current market has shown pure titanium β Titanium, memory titanium and other multi clock titanium based frames, but because of the interest of illegal businesses and our consumers can not distinguish the market has shown a lot of low-quality, fake and fake "pure titanium glasses shelf", so how should we distinguish pure titanium glasses?
Here are some simple and easy ways to distinguish pure titanium glasses.
The first way to distinguish the pure titanium glasses frame is: the method of hand feeling thinking.
The proportion of the alloy frame is about 8.9g/cm3, and that of pure titanium frame is 4.5g/cm3, because the weight of titanium data is equal to half of the alloy frame, which is lighter than that of the alloy frame by hand. This is one of the simplest ways to distinguish between titanium and non titanium frames.
The pure titanium mirror frame should not be directly contacted with titanium at the button, otherwise it is easy to show the wrinkle of joint and the poor opening and closing of the mirror leg. In all cases, two thin spacers are inlaid in the button part of pure titanium mirror, and the upper and lower buttons are cut off. Therefore, it is a good way to distinguish whether it is a pure titanium mirror frame to reflect whether there is gasket at the button. Looking at the connecting part of the button from the inside of the mirror frame, a small groove is found, which is a special design for easy cutting out the gasket.
The third way to distinguish pure titanium glasses is to look at the welding points of the nose support stem and the nose support box!
The welding of pure titanium material is non oxygen touch welding, and the weld mark is "step" shape; The welding of alloy data is spot welding and the weld mark is "slope". This is one of the useful methods to distinguish titanium frame from non titanium frame, all titanium frame and non titanium frame.
The fourth way to distinguish the pure titanium glasses frame is to make magnetic response with magnet.
Loosen the button of the mirror frame as far as possible, and use magnet to attract in the free movement form. For example, the leg of the mirror is swaying under the attraction of the magnet, and it is clarified that the frame is not pure titanium data, otherwise, it is clarified that the frame can be titanium frame.