Frame structure of basic knowledge of matching glasses
A mirror frame is usually composed of mirror ring, nose support, pile head, mirror foot and other main parts.
Lens ring (frame): the assembly position of the lens, which uses metal wire, nylon wire and screws to fix the lens with grooves or holes, which affects the cutting of the lens and the shape of the glasses.
Nose bridge: connect the left and right mirror rings or directly connect with the lens. The bridge of the nose is either placed directly on the nose or supported on the nose through stipules.
Nose bracket: including stipule stem, stipule box and stipule. The stipule is in direct contact with the nose and plays the role of supporting and stabilizing the mirror frame. Some cast plastic frames can have no stipule stem and stipule box, and the stipule is connected with the mirror ring.
Pile head: the joint of mirror ring and mirror angle, which is generally curved.
Mirror foot: the hook is mounted on the ear and can be moved. It is connected with the pile head and plays the role of fixing the mirror ring.
Hinge: a joint connecting the pile head and the mirror foot.
Locking block: tighten the screws to fasten the locking blocks on both sides of the opening of the mirror ring, so as to fix the function of the lens.
In addition to the above components, there are foot covers, supporting leaf screws, hinge screws, eyebrows, etc.